MODELS OF AQUA MISR Operation and Maintenance

Mounting and Maintenance:

[1] Mount the appliance to the kitchen's wall upon the sink or the draining board with the enclosed fishers.
[2] Connect the appliance to the pipeline using the enclosed hose; fix the inlet water hose with the solenoid valve.
[3] Put the electricity plug into 220 AVC power source.
[4] Switch on the (On/Off) switch to let water run into boiling chamber, then the heater lamp turned on to indicate the operation of the heater and then cooling water will run out of the drainage hose to the sink.
[5] After 5 minutes, distilled water will start to flow into the tank, which will be full in 4hrs. and will automatically switch power off, and stop water running. Consumption of distilled water from the tank will make the appliance resume working automatically at a certain level of reserved water to offset consumption

Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions:

You have to clean the boiling chamber every month in order to remove the sediment salts and calcic matter inside the boiling chamber as follow:

  • Switch the distiller off by pressing (On/Off) switch
  • Unplug the electricity plug from the power source
  • Remove the Drain water hose
  • Unscrew the cap CCW direction
  • Remove the water inside the boiling chamber which will come out carrying the sediment salts and calcic matter
  • The heating element and the floating-level detector should be unscrewed and removed from the evaporation chamber.
  • They should be cleaned with care, avoiding use of any sharp metallic tools.
  • A large spoon could be used to grate the inner walls of the evaporation chamber
  • Screw the cap again CW direction.
  • Follow operation instructions
  • Repeat this process every month of operation