AQUA MISR Industrial Fans

AQUA MISR Heavy Duty Industrial Tube-axial fans

 Tube-axial fans consists of propeller-shaped blades and a drive motors mounted in tubes. The fans are in general build to be implemented in the duct work.  

Axial fans are named for the direction of the airflow they create. Blades rotating around an axis draw air in parallel to that axis and force air out in the same direction.

Axial fans create airflow with a high flow rate, meaning they create a large volume of airflow. However, the airflows they create are of low pressure. They require a low power input for operation.

  •  Because of the low-pressure high-volume airflows they create, axial fans are best suited for general purpose applications. For example, they excel at moving air from one place to another, cooling confined spaces such as computers, and cooling larger spaces such as work spaces.



  • Heavy duty (Working 24h/day)
  • Two bearing housing
  • V-belt drive or in line drive by using coupling
  • Statically and dynamically balanced.