AQUA MISR Screw Conveyors

AQUA MISR CO. Screw Conveyors

AQUA MISR supplies both trough screw conveyors and tubular of various sizes and lengths with drives to match the capacity.

The screw conveyors can be installed horizontally or inclined at angles and they can be supplied in carbon steel or different grades of stainless steel.


A screw flight with both a drive and idler shaft is custom designed to suit the client requirements and the product type with specific attention given to the type of spiral that is used (solid, ribbon, tapering, increasing pitch, double pitch) as well as the materials of construction.
The drive side is fitted with a stuffing box type seal, a Plummer block bearing that is sized for both the radial and axial loads which result from conveying the material, a coupling with guard as well as a geared motor. The non-driven side is usually fitted with a flange bearing arrangement; however, this can also be supplied with a stuffing box seal and Plummer block bearing.