AQUA MISR Bag Filters
E.A.M Series "Pulse-jet Type"

  • Well designed, high performance High filtration efficiency
  • Custom design case by case to avoid (under or over) size problems
  • Optimum air-to-cloth ratio
  • Optimum can velocity to allow the dust to drop down during pulse -jet cleaning.
  • Equal air distribution through the bags
  • On/off cleaning system for very fine dust (low density)
  • Heavy-duty centrifugal fans
  • Heavy duty discharge devices [screw, rotary valve, flap gate]
  • Accurate calculated ducting system with minimum losses.
  • Automatic controlling system using suitable instrumentations
    • p controller
    • Diaphragm / solenoid valves
    • Speed sensors
    • Level sensors
    • Temperature sensors (PT 100)
  • Easy and convenient for installation
  • Environment friendly due to its emission meets the environment protection standards Reliable and easy for maintenance