AQUA MISR Nonwoven Geotextile
Drainage Control

With permeable AQUA MISR CO. Geotextiles wrapped around the pipes, an effective and long lasting drainage system is ensured, without any risk of clogging.

Drainage and filtration layers are used in civil applications to remove moisture or fine particles from the system, providing a widely accepted, effective and economic alternative to traditional aggregate & sand filtration layers.

The primary design requirement of a filtration layer for civil engineering applications is the development of a graded filter layer in the subgrade soil to maintain separation and eliminate the risk of soil mixing or 'pumping'.

AQUA MISR CO. Geotextiles promote development of such filter layers because its uniquely bonded fibers create a pathway that resembles a well-graded aggregate filter.

AQUA MISR CO. Geotextiles provide an effective filter structure since it has both higher permeability rates than adjacent construction soils and the ability to retain fine soil particles, minimizing the piping of subgrade soils.

AQUA MISR CO. Geotextiles will provide the designed flow rates under compaction eliminating any irregularity of performance when compaction in the field and preventing future clogging and costly project damage.